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Xavier Teaching School Hub

Xavier Teaching School Hub – partnering with schools to develop teachers and leaders through outstanding training and professional development

What is the teaching school hub programme?

The teaching school hub programme is part of a comprehensive strategy dedicated to supporting teachers throughout their teaching career. It forms part of the implementation of the recruitment and retention strategy to raise teacher quality and effectiveness. You can read more about the Department’s Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategy here.

How will the Xavier Teaching School Hub support you?

Our mission
Our mission is to partner with schools to recruit, develop and retain outstanding teachers and leaders.
We will do this by working with schools to define and deliver the very best in training, development and support – for the benefit of all students in our care.

Our goals

  1. School leaders and teachers will have a clear and cohesive understanding of all the teacher and leadership training and development available to them.
  2. We will partner with schools to define the training and development priorities for their school.
  3. We will support evidence based professional development for everyone – from early career teachers to executive leadership.
  4. We will support our schools by advising on outstanding training and professional development.
  5. All teaching colleagues, within our remit, will be able to access a wider range of high-quality training and development.