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Appropriate Body FAQ 


1.  How does the induction period differ for part-time ECTs? 

Our appropriate body  can reduce the induction period for ECTs who are completing induction on a part-time basis. We will consider granting a reduced induction once the ECT has completed a period covering but not equivalent to two school years.   A pre-requisite for considering reduction will be that the ECT is considered to be meeting the Teachers’ Standards. In making this decision, our team will consult with the headteacher and must always gain the agreement of the ECT concerned. 


2.  Can an ECT’s induction be reduced if they have previous experience?  

 All ECTs are entitled to a two-year induction programme. Reductions to the length of induction are  only granted in exceptional circumstances  and are only to be appropriate for ECTs who have  significant experience of teaching prior to completing induction. As set out in the Induction statutory guidance,  in exceptional individual cases, a headteacher or ECT might request a reduced induction period on the basis  that the ECT meets the Teachers’ Standards. This will need to be evidenced through the Xavier Teaching School hub ‘Application for Reduced Induction’, which is then supported with headteacher sponsorship, observation and professional discussion from a member of the central Xavier team, to decide if reducing the induction period is appropriate for the ECT. Cases are decided on an individual basis, the minimum period  that can be counted towards completion of the induction period (for both full-time and part-time ECTs) is  continuous employment equivalent to one term  (based on an institution that operates three terms in a school year). As it is important that the ECT is in post long enough to be able to receive sufficient monitoring and feedback and prepare for a fair and reasonable assessment of their performance. Xavier appropriate body can therefore reduce the length of the induction period to a  minimum of one term  (at our discretion). 


3.  Can induction be extended for an ECT? 

If the Xavier appropriate body decides  that an ECT’s performance has not satisfactorily met the relevant standards at the end of the 2 year ECF induction, after consultation with the school, it may be deemed the ECT needs more time to meet the Teachers’ Standards.  This may result an extension to their induction. Each case must be decided on its own merits, but situations where an extension is deemed reasonable could include: 

  • the ECT’s induction period has been disrupted due to personal crises, illness, or disability. 

  • the ECT has not received the necessary support during induction. 

  • there is insufficient evidence for an informed decision to be made about whether the ECT’s performance against the Teachers’ Standards is satisfactory. 

Failure to successfully complete an induction period will prevent the ECT being employed as a teacher in any school where statutory induction is mandatory and nor are they able to repeat induction.  


4.  What happens if an ECT leaves the role during induction? 

When an ECT leaves a post after completing one term or more the induction tutor or headteacher is expected to complete an interim assessment. This is expected to take place before the ECT leaves their post to ensure that the ECT’s progress and performance since the last assessment are captured. This is especially important where concerns about progress may have arisen.