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Dear Year 2 ECTs, mentors and induction tutors,

Please find attached the first bulletin of the year which we hope finds you well. Last year the feedback on the use of the bulletin was so positive that we will continue to use this as our main means of communication with you.

This bulletin, alongside the attached FAQ document, should provide all the information required by ECTs, mentors and induction tutors for the coming weeks.

You will see that we have slightly changed the bulletin format from the first year to combine all the information needed by ECTs, mentors and induction tutors into one document. We hope this will streamline communication and enable even further clarity across your school. As before, all links to training and key dates are easily accessible in this document.

This year, the bulletin will be sent at the beginning of each Development Cycle so you will only receive one every half term. However, if you have any questions regarding the programme please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please find attached the:

  • Bulletin for w/c 19th September
  • Lesson observation proforma
  • Discussion form proforma
  • Mentor meeting proforma
  • Observing other colleagues proforma
  • Frequently Asked Question document
  • Guidance on Brightspace (for new ECTs)
  • The ECT self-evaluation document for the end of term 4

We are aware that this does provide you with a lot information, however are hopeful that receiving all of the proformas at this stage enables you to get organised for the year ahead.

Mentors, please discuss the bulletin with your ECT in your fortnightly mentor meeting.

Have a wonderful week ahead a please contact us on if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,

The ECF Central Team