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Xavier Teaching School Hub

Our research philosophy

Xavier Teaching School Hub is underpinned by a philosophy of providing lifelong teacher development which is securely embedded in the latest educational research. Our vision is that Initial Teacher Training is the first step in developing a fulfilling career, nurtured by a fully-invested partnership. Educational research is prioritised in the design, development and delivery of our provision at all stages and this is coupled with timely responses to development in legislation. The Teaching School Hub harnesses local expertise and recognised centres of excellence from across the partnership to ensure that our suite of programmes are facilitated by colleagues skilled and passionate about teacher research. High-quality provision is supported by our strategic partnerships with:

  • London South Teaching School Hub (SESL6)
  • Charles Dickens Research School
  • Bosco Sussex Teacher Training
  • The University of Sussex

Centrally, we are privileged to have Sarah Chapman as our Curriculum Development and Research Lead colleague within the Xavier Teaching School Hub.

Sarah’s role is to spearhead the importance of educational research in the development of teachers and their practice.  She works alongside our strategic partners to ensure high-quality design and delivery of our programmes, as well as supporting schools to be more research-informed in their approach to learning and teaching.