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Teach First Ofsted Inspection

Teach First Ofsted Inspection

Ofsted inspection of the ECF programme - Teach First

"Over 1,500 programme members – whether early career teachers, mentors or induction tutors – took time out of their busy schedule to provide feedback via the Ofsted survey. Many also spent time meeting with the inspectors for the focused reviews. We really do appreciate all your support, especially knowing how stretched schools are right now.

In 2023 the Teach First ECF programme was judged as "outstanding" by Ofsted.

Some of the highlights from the report include the programme’s quality – “ECTs receive expertly designed training that is calibrated exceptionally well to meet their needs” and how it trains mentors to support their ECT effectively: “What mentors learn on their training programme is well attuned to what ECTs cover. The training enables mentors to reflect on the ECF and their own professional experiences to craft discussions with ECTs.”

Over and above the outcome, what we’re most proud of is the impact that the ECF programme is having on the teachers working in schools serving the children most in need.

Beth Lemming                                            Tom Preston

Director of Teacher Development         Director of School Partnerships


Please find the Ofsted report below.