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Xavier Teaching School Hub

Dear Year 1 ECTs, mentors and induction tutors,

Please find attached a copy of your Week 13 bulletin, for the week beginning Monday 12th December. For some of you this will be for your last week in school before the Christmas break, so can we take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful week in school and a well-deserved Christmas break.

ECTs, you will see in ‘Message from the team’ that we are asking you to complete a very brief feedback form on your experiences this term.  We know it is an incredibly busy time of year, but would be grateful if you could please take a moment just to pen a few lines as we proactively use your feedback to shape the ECF Programme.  Many thanks.

Attached to this bulletin are the most up-to-date versions of the training seminar dates and times for the remainder of this academic year.  There are very few changes, but please do double-check the session you usually attend.  In the bulletin there is a message regarding attendance as your engagement in the programme is linked to funding your school receives for the programme. Year 1 ECT sessions are organised that if you cannot attend your usual session there is an alternative to attend or as a last resort engaging in a recording of the live seminar. Please check all the dates for the year ahead and ensure you are able to attend.

Induction tutors, please keep the end-of-term Progress Reviews and/or Assessments coming.   As part of this process, could you please ensure you discuss with your ECT their seminars, their attendance and what they have gained from the sessions. Thank you.

Included in our bulletin is a link to the Teach First Winter Survey on Brightspace. Once completed you will gain access to module 3 content for the new year. Thank you for taking the time to complete this.

May we take this opportunity to thank you all for everything you have done this term in relation to the ECF.  We wish you a happy, safe and restful holiday.  Please note that the Xavier team are in school until Wednesday 21st December, returning on Monday 9th January.  However, members of our team will be covering the office between Tuesday 3rd and Friday 6th January. If you need to contact us please do so by emailing, rather than getting in touch with your regional lead as this email is being monitored during this period..  This will ensure that you receive a timely response.  Please note that the next bulletin you receive from us will be sent on Thursday 15th December for the w/b 9th January, if you are in school before this time please use this as time to settle back into a new term.

We hope you have a good week.

Kind regards,

The ECF Central Team