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Dear Year 1 ECTs, mentors and induction tutors,

The summer is nearly here and the team here at Xavier are finalising all of the seminar information for your smooth transition into Year 2. This week, ECTs will note a more flexible approach to the programme which will allow you the time needed to be available to plan for next year and hopefully reflect on your first year as an ECT.

This week’s bulletin holds a lot of important information, particularly for induction tutors. Please see details of:

  • End of year assessments and timescales to ensure your ECT transitions into their second year smoothly;
  • Changes to details form to inform us of any changes in ECT, mentor or induction tutor details;
  • New registrations and the form to complete;
  • Induction tutor training on the 12th July at 3.30pm with log in details.

The final bulletin of the year will provide you with all the details needed for Year 2, these include:

-All ECT, mentor and induction tutor training dates for the year ahead;

-The induction materials for Year 2;

-Year 2 training content is very different and moves towards a much more flexible approach, we will outline these changes for   

 you in detail to ensure you feel fully prepared for the year ahead.

As a team we continuously work to try and ensure we balance the requirements of the programme with your needs in school. If you have any questions, or need any support please do not hesitate to contact us at

Kind regards

The Xavier ECF central team