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Xavier Teaching School Hub

Dear all,

Half-term is already upon us!  May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very safe, happy and restful break.

Please find attached the Week 8 bulletin, with its accompanying attachments.  Please note that this is for the week commencing 7th November.  There will be no bulletin for the week beginning 31st October, as some of our schools are fortunate enough to have a two-week break.  For those of you (like us) who have a one-week break, this gives you the opportunity to breath, catch up or just reflect on your year so far during your first week back after the half-term holiday.

We are very hopeful that, by the time the second-half of the autumn term begins, those of you still having difficulties with accessing Brightspace will have had their login issues resolved.  If you return to school and still do not have Brightspace access, please email as soon as possible.

Induction Tutors (whose ECTs may be experiencing Brightspace access issues), we may shortly be in touch with you as we have just been given direct ‘read-only’ access to the DfE portal.  This allows us to check the information schools have entered when registering their ECTs.  This will allow us to identify any potential issues and work with you to resolve these quickly.

Have a lovely, well-deserved break.

Kind regards,

The ECF Central Team